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Unable to download the demo.

I checked about the blocker.

Can you share any alternated download link?

Hi, what's the problem with the download? I've just tried to download it and it seems to work. I'm uploading  it on gdrive, it will take about 20 min, I'll post the link here when it's done.

thanks for the drive link. The first link still not working I don't know why.

Okay, added another download link, check the downloads section above

This is a rather big file.

Did you create compressed cooked content?

What's the texture resolution?

Linux Build?


ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \ Hello! 

Just wanted to say what a beautiful town you made! I had such a fun time exploring the level and looking at the different types of architect and furniture. 

I also wanted to thank you for having a website up that has information on what real life items/buildings the assets were based on. I was using that as reference to provide tidbits of information in a video I made. It was nice to know what items were what and the word it was called in Japanese. 

The mechanic where you can change the time of day was a great touch too. I know the demo had other intended purposes like showing off assets, but I just had such a fun time looking at everything.~

Have a great day!


\^o^/ Hello,

Thank you very much for the comment and for the video you made! I really had fun looking at it. I'm glad you liked the demo. 
I'll add more information about each house in  the next days. Next one will be the tea house. There is a lot to say about it. 

Have a great day!

I can't play. The game crashed upon opening. There's a pop-up message:

Looks like something GPU related. I will try to find out. We've just used standard Unreal, nothing fancy. Are your gpu drivers updated?

My drivers are updated.

"Konnichiwa, fellow appreciators of Japanese culture. Have you ever wanted to explore the beautiful and exotic sights of glorious Japan but are unable to break the shackles of being a hikikomori? Well, join me as I take you through a virtual tour of the bokuku rendered in loving, photo-realistic detail in Unreal Engine 4. You'll dine at sushi restaurants, inspect detailed Ukiyo-e paintings, and even get to watch the koi swim in their pond while breathtakingly-realistic 3D headphone audio soothes your senses. Indeed, there is no better way to experience the culture of Japan inside your living room unless you actually live in Japan yourself." 

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