A downloadable demo for Windows

In this demo you can visit the three example maps for Modular Procedural Scaffold System UE4 asset pack available on Unreal Marketplace.

Unreal Marketplace : Modular Procedural Scaffold System

This pack allows to build a full construction site environment. Its main feature is the scaffolding system, inspired from the real Ringlock type scaffolding, but  it offers also a lot of other assets for a construction site, such as containers , various modular fences and gates, various curtains, barriers, skips, a tarpaulin for the skips, a billboard, corner security guards, various security signs (configurable via blueprint with 2 different sizes and various texts written in English and Japanese), Japanese style traffic cones, a plastic board, a security LED lamp (configurable via blueprint with 3 different colors depending of its role and location), various cables and pipes (configurable via spline blueprint) and a helmet.
There are also all the assets needed for assembling a road using the same spline blueprint as the cables, they are used in the demo level to show the scaffold for repairing a bridge.

All the assets of this demo with the exception of sounds and music are available in the pack. 

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Music by Sei Mutsuki,  http://peritune.com/, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International License.


MPSDemo.zip 791 MB


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looks nice