Update for project files and a new VR example

Updated MSSRVR_Project.zip and MSSRExample_Project.zip files. Content example level had some lighting bugs, plus there is a new demo map to show the complex detach algorithm.

There is also a new VR demo: MSSRVRv2. It's still the default VR template with snapping, plus the new detach algorithm. The MSSRVR_Project.zip contains both of the maps.

Read more: https://forums.unrealengine.com/unreal-engine/marketplace/1580923-mssr-★-modular...


MSSRVR_Project.zip 19 MB
91 days ago
MSSRExample_Project.zip 83 MB
91 days ago
MSSRVRv2.zip 117 MB
91 days ago

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