A downloadable game for Windows

Demo and test levels for Modular Snap System Runtime Plugin (MSSR) for UE4

MSSR is a plugin that allows for automatic snapping of actors to each other in game. Here you find demos and examples of the plugin. Contains the following demos:

  • "You can't jump",  a little puzzle game.
  • MSSR Tutorial. Content examples style tutorial for the plugin (video walktrough)
  • MSSRVR. Simple VR example. Default VR template + snapping. (For some reason it seems it requires admin rights to work. ) 
  • MSSRVRv2. Same as MSSRVR but with improved detachment of objects.
  • MSSRPhysCon. Snapping with physics constraints instead of attaching or welding.
  • MSSRNet. Simple multiplayer demo. Edit Client.bat to change server's IP address.
  • Jishin Construction Ltd, our UE4 2019 Spring Jam entry, also uses MSSR

Project files (without the plugin) for those demos and more example maps can be found in MSSRExample_Project.zip. The VR demo project is in MSSRVR_Project.zip 

Work in progress...

StatusIn development
Release date May 21, 2019
AuthorInu Games
Made withUnreal Engine
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive


YouCantJump.zip 87 MB
MSSR_Tutorial.zip 134 MB
MSSRVR.zip 118 MB
MSSRPhysCon.zip 50 MB
MSSRNet.zip 69 MB
MSSRVR_Project.zip 19 MB
MSSRVRv2.zip 117 MB
MSSRExample_Project.zip 84 MB

Development log


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Just tried the VR version and it's great. Are there plans for it to come to the Marketplace as an update or being released on itchio in the future?

Thank you again! Already submitted, still waiting for answer. When they answer I will post here and on the forum too.


awesome. Sorry for the multi pronged messages across different channels haha

Will this be easily adaptable to work with VR? i.e. Picking up meshes and having them snap to the correct position if they are placed closely enough with motion controllers

Hi Alex,

I hope so, but I don't have any VR so I cannot test. Now I use the physics handle to grab and hold objects, is that similar to how VR work?  Btw, the plugin only manage the snapping of objects, not holding them.

There is  a simple VR example now, check it out.