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In this puzzle game you rebuild houses destroyed by the earthquake. The faster you rebuild the more coins you get. Five levels including a tutorial and two difficulties. 

"At Jishin Constructions Ltd. we build Jishin , two sides of the same coin and, doing that, we generate more coins! Believe in yourself and overcome catastrophes." (In Japanese Jishin means both earthquake 地震 and self-confidence 自信)

Made by Inu Games for 2019 Spring UE4 Jam.

Important: After you grab a part press "F" key, it will turn the part in the correct way


Gameplay and tutorial videos

Used Marketplace assets. Our own assets:

And third-party assets:

All the other stuff is made during the jam. This includes the gameplay, UI, assets for the construction site (containers, fences, billboards, decals, etc.), tutorial actor, levels etc. The sound of the earthquake from freesound.org (public domain).

Implementation breakdown (aka post-mortem)

Also! You can see the complete houses from this game in this demo


InuGames_JishinConstruction.zip 406 MB

Install instructions

Unzip then run Jishin.exe

Development log


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A little bit more gameplay and the construction site overview


This is actually pretty cool. It's a bit like a memory test.

Thank you! It's a memory test plus there are some rules about the way those houses are built, when you get that the building becomes easier.